Take more control of your financial future

Reduce market uncertainty

A level of protection from loss in down markets to help manage volatility

Increase growth potential

Strong growth opportunities during up markets with tax-deferred earnings

Retire on your terms

Access to investment strategies so you can leave financial guesswork behind

The best of both worlds for today's investor

Balancing your need for growth and protection is a challenge for any financial plan. But with an Amplify 2.0 annuity — you can have the best of both worlds. 

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3 simple choices to add Amplify 2.0 to your financial plan

number one Pick your level of protection

With 10% and 20% buffer levels, consider how much risk you're comfortable with, how much time you have to invest and how the level of protection may affect growth potential.

How does a buffer impact my investment?

An Amplify 2.0 annuity can provide the best of both worlds — the opportunity to capture gains when markets are up plus a level of protection when they're down. The level of protection is known as a buffer.


Athene Amplify 2.0 is designed to be a long-term investment product used to help provide income for retirement. It is not suitable as a short-term investment. There is a risk of substantial loss of principal and related earnings depending on the Segment Option(s) to which you allocate your Purchase Payment. Due to negative index performance, Segment Credits may be negative after application of the Buffer Rate and you agree to bear the portion of loss that exceeds that rate.

Under current tax law, the Internal Revenue Code already provides tax deferral to qualified money, so there is no additional tax benefit obtained by funding a qualified contract, such as an IRA, with an annuity; consider the other benefits provided by an annuity, such as lifetime income and a Death Benefit.

Number Two Choose your term period

Amplify is a 6-year annuity that offers several term periods. Each term period comes with specific advantages you should carefully weigh as you decide.

  • 1-year term period
    Reset your protection level and realize earnings (if any) on an annual basis. 
  • 2-year term period
    Extend your term period to two-year intervals and gain greater growth potential.
  • 6-year term period
    Reap the reward of waiting with rates that may produce greater growth potential. This term period is only available in the first Contract Year.

line graph showing potential return growing based on a longer term period

While longer terms typically offer higher rates, shorter terms may help manage market fluctuations better.

Number Three Select an index option

You can allocate your money to one or more available index options to help you pursue maximum performance in today's ever-changing world.

Equity Indices: Five of the top banking and investment names

Athene partners with top names in banking and investments to give you the ability to pursue growth opportunities in a variety of economic environments.

Report | Look back at historical index returns from these five powerful indices

Index Options

  • S&P 500® Index
  • Nasdaq-100® Index
  • Shiller Barclays CAPE® US Mid-Month Sector TR Net Index
  • Russell 2000® Index
  • MSCI EAFE Index

Performance Blend: Take the guesswork out of investing

Performance Blend is like having the benefit of hindsight since your exposure to three well-known indices is determined at the end of the term instead of the beginning.

Case Study | See how Performance Blend helped Michael better manage market volatility

Milestone Lock: Enhanced growth + stepped-up protection

Milestone Lock is a custom crediting feature that allows you to “lock in” significant growth in the S&P 500® and limit any future losses with stepped up protection.

Explore the Athene Amplify 2.0 Series

The Amplify 2.0 Series is comprised of two dynamic annuity solutions. Each offer a unique set of features designed to fit your needs.

Amplify 2.0

The best rates available for greater growth potential *

Amplify 2.0 NF

A no-fee alternative to help manage portfolio costs


Calculate Your Potential

Compare potential performance in different market scenarios

Find out if Amplify 2.0 may be right for you

Talk with your financial professional to learn more about how Amplify 2.0 can help you reduce market uncertainty, increase growth potential and give you the opportunity to retire on your terms.

This product and the components and features contained within are not available in all states or firms. Please reach out to your financial professional for more details on state approvals and firm guidelines.

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