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This is a hypothetical calculator. The purpose of this calculator is to demonstrate how different segment options would have performed historically, based on the selections you make below. While the product was not available for the historical time periods, the index components were. This calculator is not intended to predict actual performance, nor is it meant to be an accurate representation of the product’s full features and benefits. Contract and segment values are calculated with historical index data and are not intended to represent future contract performance. Interest rates and values shown in the calculator are not guaranteed.

Purchase & Segment Options
Purchase Payment: $100,000
S & P index,10% Buffer,1 year,50% allocation
Milestone lock,10% Buffer,1 year,50% allocation
min $10K, max $1M
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Amplify 2.0 NF Calculator


Total Contract Value



Market Scenario

This calculator uses current rates, which are subject to change, to provide an estimate of how the Cap Rate and Participation Rate may be set on the Initial Segment Start Date. Best and Worst market scenario dates are based on the last 20 years and may differ per Segment Option.

All Segment options, including 1- and 2-year options, illustrate over a 6-year period to align with the 6-year withdrawal charge period of the product.

All hypothetical examples are for informational purposes only and are not indicative of past, nor intended to predict, future performance of any specific product or Segment Option.

Historical data for the Shiller Barclays CAPE® US Mid-Month Sector TR Net Index began 10/18/2021. There are no 6-year periods of performance currently available for this analysis. For additional information, please review the index brochure (96240).

Taking advantage of the unique characteristics of multiple options may be an effective way to achieve your long–term savings goals. While there are many ways to allocate your money, not all combinations of index options, term periods, and buffer levels are available. Your financial professional can help determine an allocation strategy that best suits your needs.