2022 Sustainability Report

As our company has grown, so has our commitment to our stakeholders. Both Athene and Apollo acknowledge and accept our ongoing responsibility and opportunity to create a positive impact for our customers and employees, as well as the communities and industries where we operate. 

For over a decade Apollo has set the standard for ESG reporting within our industry. Read Volume 14 to see how Apollo is continuing to lead responsibly and drive a more sustainable future.

Read Apollo’s 2022 Sustainability Report

Our 2023 Impact


Employee volunteer hours


Employee giving through our United Way campaign


Donated from Athene Foundation 


Books collected by employees for Stuff the Bus 


Scholarships provided to Iowa students  


Laptops/projectors donated to local nonprofits 

Giving back is in our DNA

At Athene, we’re driven to outperform not only in the marketplace but in our communities as well. As a company of game changers, we make a difference every day through philanthropy, community outreach and volunteer service.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee
Athene’s CSR Committee, overseen by the Athene Board of Directors through its Legal and Risk Committee, is comprised of cross-functional members of our management team. The Committee’s goal is to develop strategy, set policies and provide guidance that aligns with our goals and third-party standards.

Read our CSR committee charter

Athene employees volunteering on our day of action

Corporate social responsibility at Athene is built on...

Our Customers

We’ve built a strong and growing business that specializes in retirement income solutions for groups and individuals. Protecting our customers and policyholders in any market environment is our top priority.

Athene maintains and follows policies and procedures to help ensure customers’ needs are met based on their investment objectives, risk tolerance and financial needs. To help assure that financial professionals act in the best interest of our customers, Athene maintains a robust suitability program and policies related to responsible marketing practices.


Athene is continuously improving our security measures against new and emerging threats to help protect the data privacy of our customers and employees. To help us achieve that objective, we employ a defense strategy that includes a wide range of best practices.

See our cybersecurity capabilities

Our Communities

We live up to our commitment to give back to the communities where our employees live and work through volunteer service, including company-sponsored events and paid volunteer time off for our employees.

Through philanthropic giving, we champion education, environmental sustainability, human services and health and well-being.

Each year, our company’s drive to do better results in thousands of employee volunteer hours, tens of thousands of items for students and food insecure neighbors and donations — both financial and in-kind —provided by Athene and our employees.

The Athene USA Charitable Foundation, as well as the Bermuda Charity Committee, helps us support our employee-driven efforts.



Athene employee helping a recipient of our coats and boots drive try on her new coat

Athene Charitable Foundation

Athene Charitable Foundation is committed to corporate and social responsibility practices giving back to the communities where Athene employees live and work. Our efforts are focused on volunteer service, philanthropic giving and community outreach in education, human services health and well-being and environmental sustainability. Download the donation request form to review requirements and how to submit your donation request. 

Download our donation request form

Our People

We are tied together by our BEAM values — Believe in your Co-Workers, Engage Actively, Act like Owners and Make it Happen. With these values, we strive to foster a workplace that cultivates our differences and allows employees to feel celebrated, engaged and connected.

Recruiting, developing and retaining high-performing employees in the workplace is very important to us. We work hard to foster an environment where all employees have the opportunity to express themselves, to be heard and to influence change.

Learn More 


High standards of corporate governance promote sustainable performance and maximize shareholder value while balancing the interests of all stakeholders. Our business and affairs are managed under the direction of the Athene Board of Directors.

Athene places the utmost importance on conducting our business in a fair, legal, honest and ethical manner. We strive to be a company known for its ethical leadership and treating others with integrity, respect and fairness. The policies and codes that govern our business ensure we maintain the company’s high standards of integrity, ethical leadership and excellence.

See our policies and codes 


From a green building to recycling and energy reduction initiatives, Athene continually works to minimize our environmental footprint. But our efforts don’t stop there. In 2019, we started formally collecting and monitoring Environmental Performance Data to track our progress.

View from the pond and walking paths of the Athene building lit up at night

Reduction and conservation efforts

Our U.S. operational facility in West Des Moines was designed and constructed to comply with Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certified building guidelines. Athene further promotes:

  • On-campus land and water sustainability – wetland restoration, water conservation and conscious landscaping
  • Energy, water and waste reduction – energy use monitoring and mitigation techniques including single-stream recycling (paper, plastic, cardboard, glass and aluminum)
  • Recycling and upcycling – eligible technological equipment recycling and gently used computer donations to communities

It takes all of us working together to make positive changes for our environment, and we are committed to better understanding our energy use and where we can become more efficient.

CEO Jim Belardi’s Commitment

The spirit of our company and its commitment to the community is due in large part to our CEO and founder, Jim Belardi.

Learn more 

  • From the Belardi Pool at Stanford University to a new state-of-the art Aquatics Center at Servite High School, Jim provides the impetus to get things done.
  • He is an advocate for cancer research and spoke at a City of Hope fundraiser for Dr. Stephen J. Forman’s research on Immunotherapy in New York.
  • In addition to his generosity in the community, Jim has been honored with the Tower of Hope award, given by the Tower Cancer Research Foundation. The foundation created a video sharing Jim’s story as a leukemia survivor and his passionate zest for life. 

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