Have enough for retirement

Will your retirement income last as long as you need it to? And will it be enough for the life you envision? These are common questions, especially as people live longer. 

Whether you have just started thinking about sources of guaranteed income  — like Social Security and pensions — or have already started receiving benefits, it can be difficult to know if they’ll be enough. With the help of your financial professional, you can find the best ways to help fill any income gaps. 

How do I know if I’ll have enough income for the life I want to live in retirement?

It’s the million-dollar question (literally). Of course, no two retirements look the same, meaning your retirement savings goal will be different than your neighbor’s. You’re unique, and you have your own spending habits, hobbies, travel goals, expected healthcare costs, and other financial obligations (like your mortgage and utilities) to cover in retirement.

Image illustrating that Americans believe they need at least $1.7 million to retire comfortably.

No one-size-fits-all

As a general rule of thumb, financial experts suggest:

  • Saving up enough to cover around 70% to 80% of your current pre-retirement income.
  • If you earn $100,000 annually, for example, this would give you a goal of $70,000 to $80,000 for every year you anticipate being in retirement (typically 30 years or more).

But the reality is, there’s no one-size-fits-all number for what every person’s retirement savings should be. To help you get a better understanding of how much retirement income you may need, a retirement planning worksheet can help you make sense of the numbers.

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Charts showing 70% to 80% of a $100,000 annual pre-retirement income needed to retire suggested by financial experts.

How can I create a retirement income “paycheck?”

​​​​​​To determine where your retirement income “paycheck” should come from and how much it could be, you should work with a financial professional.

If you’re looking to add another income stream besides the options you may currently have in place, there are solutions available that offer growth potential to help fill any potential savings gaps. 

Once you have an idea of how much you’ll need to retire comfortably, the next step is to determine where your retirement income will come from.

 You may need to consider:

  • Social Security and pension benefits
  • Employer-sponsored retirement plans like a 401(k) or 403(b)
  • IRA or Roth IRA
  • Funds in a brokerage account 
  • Funds in a savings account

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Creating your retirement income plan

It’s possible to retire with confidence and pursue the plans you’ve always dreamed of for your retirement. By incorporating guaranteed lifetime income into your overall retirement plan, you can help make sure you have the financial resources to make it so.

Many annuities can provide:

  • The ability to create a guaranteed stream of income 
  • The consistency of a retirement “paycheck” 
  • The comfort of knowing you can’t outlive your savings 


Protection from market volatility

With ongoing annuity payouts, your money is protected from market downturns.

  • No matter what’s happening in the markets, you can receive the same amount of money each payment. (assuming no additional withdrawals are taken).
  • Knowing you have a dependable level of income throughout retirement can help give you the freedom to focus on enjoying the life you’ve created. 

Products for your income strategy

Explore featured products that offer guaranteed income for life. Product features and availability may vary by state and/or sales distributor.

Athene AgilitySM

Fixed Indexed Annuities

A versatile annuity that combines index-linked growth potential with guaranteed income and the ability to adapt as your needs change. Includes a built-in income and death benefit rider at no additional charge. 

Learn more about Agility  

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Athene AscentSM Pro

Fixed Indexed Annuities

Combines index-linked growth potential with a built-in rider (for a charge) that provides a guaranteed stream of income for life. 

Learn more about Ascent Pro  

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Athene SPIA

Single Premium Immediate Annuity

A single premium payment assures a guaranteed stream of income for life or a specified period.

Learn more about SPIA  

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