Athene distributes annuity products through a variety of channels including Banks, Broker Dealers and Independent Marketing Organizations. We highly recommend you deal directly with a financial professional when purchasing one of our products. If you are not currently working with someone, we can connect you with a knowledgeable Athene representative in your area by filling out a short online request form.

If you have an annuity that was issued by Athene Annuity and Life Company (formerly Aviva USA), you may register for My Athene. Registration allows you to view statements, change beneficiaries, update your contact information or request a withdrawal.

The frequency of statement mailings depends on the type of contract you own. For Single Premium Immediate Annuities (SPIAs), statements are mailed twice per year; at the anniversary date and at year end. Most other annuity contract holders will receive their statements annually, although some customers receive quarterly or semi-annual statements. You can request a statement of value at any time by calling our Customer Contact CenterMy Athene users may view all their statements online.

When purchasing your annuity ask your financial professional to help you enroll in e-Delivery during the application process. Electing e-Delivery at this time will ensure that you receive your contract packet, statements, and communications delivered directly to your preferred email address. 

If you’ve already purchased your annuity, communication preferences can be changed online in the Service Center of your MyAthene account. Once you’ve opted in, we’ll send you an email notification when documents are ready to view or download. Electronic communications at Athene are sent from our secure document portal called FireLight®. Flagging Athene Servicing ( as a known sender will help identify e-Delivery emails in your inbox. FireLight® email notification links will be active for 30 days following receipt, and 10 days once you’ve accessed the link. Preferred documents can be downloaded and saved for record keeping. If you don’t access the email in time your contract documents and statements will always be available online in your MyAthene account.

​​​​​​My Athene users can change their address online. You may also call us with your new address, send your new address in writing, or mail us a completed change of address form. Select the appropriate change of address form from our forms library.

The owner of the policy can change the beneficiary at any time. If the contract's current beneficiary is irrevocable, that beneficiary must also approve the change. My Athene users can change a beneficiary online. A completed paper form is required for any other beneficiary change. Select the appropriate form in our forms library or call our Customer Contact Center to request the form. Primary beneficiary(ies) are first in line to receive proceeds from the contract after the annuitant's death. Contingent beneficiary(ies) will receive proceeds in the event the primary beneficiary(ies) death prior to the annuitant's.

Probate is a court-supervised legal process where the distribution of property, or estate, of a deceased person is administered. If the beneficiary(ies) are set up properly, death benefits can avoid probate and pass directly to the named beneficiary(ies).

​​​​My Athene users can request a withdrawal online. You may also request a withdrawal by calling our Customer Contact Center, or completing a withdrawal form found in our forms library.

Withdrawals submitted using My Athene or requested over the phone are processed in 1–2 business days; requests may take longer if volumes are high. Normal processing for a mailed withdrawal request form is 7–10 business days (additional time may be required).

There are two ways to have your monthly income automatically sent to your bank account. You can either call our Customer Contact Center to request monthly deposits, or you may mail us a completed authorization for EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) found in our forms library.

You may change your tax withholding election online via MyAthene, or send us a completed Election of Withholding form found in our forms library. Withholding regulations vary from state to state. Federal withholdings vary depending on the type of funds distributed. Always consult with a qualified tax advisor before making a withholding election.

The payout options available depend on your policy provisions. Please call one of our Customer Service Representatives at 888‑266‑8489 (888‑ANNUITY).

The IRS requires individuals owning IRAs to take a required minimum distribution (RMD) each year once you reach a certain age, which varies by birthdate. The annual deadline for taking an RMD is December 31. You may delay your first RMD until April 1 of the year after you attain the required beginning age. If you delay your first RMD, you'll have to take your first and second RMD in the same tax year. If you fail to take your RMD, you may be subject to an excise tax. Please consult with your tax professional for guidelines specific to your situation. Visit for details.

​​​​​​My Athene users can set up RMDs online. You may also complete the set up process by calling our Customer Contact Center or mailing us a completed form. Forms can be found in our forms library.

A taxable or reportable event occurred on your contract in the year listed on the form. Examples of common events: 

  • Partial distribution
  • Annuitization payments
  • Income Rider payments
  • SPIA payments
  • Full surrender
  • Indirect rollover 
  • External 1035 exchange 
  • Specific Ownership Changes
  • Full/ Partial Roth IRA Conversion
  • Recharacterization
  • Death Claim 
  • Collateral Assignment 
  • Defaulted Loan
  • Refund of premium to AOR when received via direct rollover

1099 will be mailed no later than January 31 of each year. 1099 are provided only when funds in a contract are distributed from your account. You are not required to report interest earnings from an annuity until the interest is withdrawn.

Current and previous year(s) 1099R or 5498 can be obtained online by logging in to your MyAthene account or by emailing us at Not registered for MyAthene? Enroll today at

The beneficiaries listed on a contract will be mailed a claim packet if a Death Benefit is payable following the death of the Owner or Annuitant. Explore the Beneficiary Toolkit to learn more about the claim process, potential expectations and documents to collect to help save you time.

Claim forms for Natural Persons:

Claim forms for Non-natural Persons (such as trusts, charities or nonprofit organizations):

Please call our Customer Service Representatives at 888‑266‑8489 (888‑ANNUITY), select Option 1, then Option 3, for additional assistance.