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Because retirement is more than a straight line...

Think income plus flexibility to keep your clients’ retirement plan on the right financial path. Athene Benefit 10SM is a 10-year FIA that includes a unique Enhanced Benefits Rider that delivers up to five benefits (subject to eligibility) in one flexible solution.1

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The Enhanced Benefits Rider is included with the Athene Benefit 10 annuity; therefore it must be purchased with the annuity. It has an Annual Rider Charge. The rider may be cancelled only after the tenth contract anniversary. Once cancelled it cannot be reinstated. Cancellation will result in a loss of features.

1 Product and rider benefits may not be available in all states. See the Athene Benefit 10 Certificate of Disclosure for details.

2 Simple Interest is credited until the earlier of: 55 years (24 years in LA, MD, PA & WA), the older Annuitant turning Attained Age 85, the client begins Lifetime Income Withdrawals, or until Premium less withdrawals equal zero.

3 Premium Bonus annuities include a Premium Bonus Vesting Percentage Schedule and may include a lower Cap Rate or other limitations not included in similar annuities that don't offer a Premium Bonus feature. Premium bonus is not available in Connecticut.

Athene Benefit 10 with Enhanced Benefits Rider [GEN10 (04/14), ICC14 GEN10 (04/14), EBR (04/14), ICC14 EBR (04/14)], Athene Benefit 10 Select with Enhanced Benefits Rider [ICC14 GEN10 (04/14) SR, TBS10 (04/14) SR, TBS10 (09/12) SR, TBS10 (09/12) SR G, EBR (04/14), ICC14 EBR (04/14)], and Athene Benefit 10 Pro with Enhanced Benefits Rider [TBS10 (09/12), EBR (04/14)] or state variations are issued by Athene Annuity and Life Company, West Des Moines, IA. Product features, limitations and availability vary by state; see the Certificate of Disclosure for details.