Athene Announces 2020 Scholarship Recipients at Bermuda College Recognizes First Three Graduates of 2019 Program

September 8, 2020

Pembroke, Bermuda – September 8, 2020 – Athene Holding Ltd. (“Athene”) (NYSE: ATH) and its subsidiary Athene Life Re (ALRe) today announced the 2020 recipients of the Athene Scholarship and recognized the first three graduates of the Athene Scholarship program. Founded last year, the Athene Scholarship program is designed to help build the future workforce in Bermuda in areas that align with business needs. It is the largest program of its kind at Bermuda College.

The Athene Scholarship, which can be awarded to up to 10 students each academic year, covers the full costs of each student’s associate degree program and required books. It is available to students attending Bermuda College who have significant financial need and meet a minimum GPA requirement sector. The scholarship supports students pursuing associate degrees in Accounting, Actuarial Science, Business, Economics, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Insurance & Risk Management, Legal Studies or Mathematics.

The Fall 2020 Athene Scholarship recipients and their areas of study are as follows:

  • Rickai Burrows, Business
  • Kityra Davis, Accounting
  • Amber Douglas, Human Resources
  • Amber Furtado, Business
  • Nina Pickering, Business
  • Nadir Young, Accounting

Dr. Phyllis Curtis-Tweed, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs, added, “On behalf of Bermuda College, I would like to thank Athene for their continued support of Bermuda College students. The opportunity last year enabled the recipients to focus on their studies. They distinguished themselves academically and are pursuing next steps on their educational journey. A high bar for attainment has been set and with such generous support, much is expected. Congratulations to this year’s Athene scholarship recipients.”

This spring, three students from the inaugural 2019 Athene Scholarship program graduated from Bermuda College. Each of them plans to pursue further educational opportunities.

  • Atiya Furqan, Associate of Science (Actuarial Science) with Merit
  • Nisha Smith, Associate of Science (Actuarial Science) with Distinction
  • Ken-nie Trott, Associate of Science (Actuarial Science) with Merit & Associate of Arts

“We are proud to recognize three of our first scholarship recipients on their graduation from Bermuda College and are excited to see them excel as they continue their education,” said Natasha Scotland Courcy, SVP, General Counsel and Co-Chief Operating Officer of ALRe. “The Athene Scholarship was designed to ensure students, no matter their personal circumstances, have access to higher education opportunities. As a company, we recognize the importance in investing in our future leaders, and we are pleased to collaborate with Bermuda College on these efforts.”

Scotland Courcy added, “A solid education provides additional opportunities for these students to gain employment and professional growth in their areas of study. As these students begin seeking employment, we hope to be the top choice as they continue developing their talents after the completion of their education.”

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About Bermuda College

Bermuda college is an internationally-recognized community college dedicated to offering the highest standards of academic and professional excellence, based not so much on one’s background entering – but on what one has been able to achieve upon graduation.

Created by the Parliament of Bermuda through the passage of the Bermuda College Act in 1974, Bermuda College is committed to providing the community with innovative programs, training support services and access to partnerships that lead to local and global success.

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