Discover Your Client's More Toolkit

Retirement is as unique as your clients. Discovering what brings them the most happiness is as important to a solid retirement strategy as the dollars and cents. Follow these three steps and use this comprehensive toolkit to help clients retire their way.

Step 1: Learn more

Understand these six retirement personalities and why they’re important in developing a retirement strategy. We’ve also developed questions that match up with each personality, so you can use them to start insightful and productive conversations with your clients, and help move them closer to the right financial solutions.

Step 2: Share the quiz

Ask your clients to take the fun and easy “What’s Your More?” quiz. This short quiz can help them discover their path to retirement happiness.


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Step 3: Connect the dots

Once clients have taken the quiz, use these consumer-approved planning tools to help uncover what’s next. Using the overviews, worksheets and brochure are an easy way to help fine-tune a retirement strategy and introduce how including an annuity can help them achieve their goals.

Additional resources for clients

Share these real stories for inspiration 

  • Find what fascinates you
    Building his next best life took careful planning. With a solid financial plan, Tal Avitzur has the means to create the art he loves.

  • Catch what moves you
    Graham Guess discovered his passion when he was 10 years old. Smart financial planning makes living his dream possible.

Smart Strategies articles

  • What’s your more?
    Quality of life, free time or sense of purpose — what do your clients want more of in retirement? Have them consider these 3 factors to help them be prepared and find their path.
  • Test drive your retirement 
    Many people retire without knowing what to expect, but taking a practice run may help your clients better prepare. Share 4 tips to test-drive retirement before they commit to the next big chapter in their lives.

More to consider

Here’s a way to get further into the minds of your clients and prospects.

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