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Receiving guaranteed income for life can be one of the top retirement goals for many people. Annuities can provide guaranteed lifetime income, yet a majority of adult Americans don’t have one. Use this suite of materials to understand why and help remove the barriers in creating retirement strategies — clearing the way to get your clients back into the annuity conversation.

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  • Social post #1
    From being overly optimistic about the future to overreacting to recent events, some biases can create #retirement roadblocks. Learn how separating fact from fiction can lead to financial success.
    Link to Article: http://ow.ly/HUhs50xlvg7
  • Social post #2
    Your #retirement roadmap does not need to be complex and filled with roadblocks. See how keeping it simple can help build confidence about navigating the financial road ahead.
    Link to article: http://ow.ly/HUhs50xlvg7
  • Social post #3
    The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. See how applying this to #retirement planning can help you make informed financial decisions.
    Link to article: http://ow.ly/HUhs50xlvg7

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