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3 ways to help your clients get a financial foothold in times of volatility

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For decades, your clients have saved diligently and carefully followed a long-term investment strategy. But when market volatility coincides with a short time horizon toward retirement, pre-retirees may start to question their preparedness. A lack of confidence in their retirement income strategies may make them more likely to act impulsively or make emotionally based decisions.

As a trusted resource, you can help reassure clients that they’re on the right track and talk through any added stress they may be feeling. This short video is focused on clients who are preparing for or about to enter retirement. It provides three easy, actionable steps clients can take to help put themselves on solid financial footing in the decade leading up to retirement:

  • Explore the importance of a portfolio review. How to maintain growth potential while lowering risk and protecting retirement assets.
  • Learn how inflation can impact retirement savings. Maximizing Social Security benefits to help combat the effects of rising prices.
  • Create a retirement income plan. Combining a variety of potential sources, including savings and investments, Social Security, annuities, and other income sources, including possible part-time work.


Pinpoint your client’s primary sources of stress

As clients get closer to retirement, they may begin exploring financial issues that they may never have considered when their focus was on saving rather than spending. Be prepared for questions like these:

  • Do my current income projections still stand or do I need to consider alternative sources of income?
  • How will my future buying power be impacted by rising prices?
  • Can I still retire when I want?

To help you address these fears and build confidence in your clients, share this short video with them so they can face their concerns head-on — all in about a minute.

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