Social Savvy Toolkit


Resources to connect you with clients and prospects in a digital world

Building your digital presence using social media or your website is essential for business today. But living in a fast, digital world can make it hard to keep up with the best ways to promote it online.

Use these tools to help develop your social brand, boost your digital presence IQ and connect authentically with clients and prospects — all highly effective ways to build the relationships that can build your business.

Resources for financial professionals

Insights articles for you


Tune in to these webcast recordings:

  • Social Media 101
    Discover how, what and when to share on your social platforms to connect with more prospects and clients in today’s virtual world.
  • Social Media 201
    Is social media working as well for you as it could? Discover how to expand your network, connect with more leads and build your brand.
  • How to use paid social ads to boost business
    Tips for why and how to create paid Facebook and LinkedIn ads, targeting the right audience and how to track success. 


Tools to use with your clients

Smart Strategies article for your clients 

  • 5 cybersecurity safety tips
    Nearly 99% of cyber account takeovers can be prevented. Help your clients protect themselves with these five cybersecurity safety tips.

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