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5 steps to building your ideal annuity client base

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Are you looking to build an annuity client base that not only appreciates your services but can also bring sustainable growth to your business? Try a “replication” strategy, where you direct your energy toward prospects that are similar to the clients you enjoy working with and who add the most value to your business. To get started, here are five steps that can help you find your ideal clients.

Step 1: Create an ideal client profile.

Your ideal annuity client should be a mirror image of those you already serve exceptionally well. Think about the clients who've been with you for a while, are invested in their retirement planning, and, most importantly, trust your guidance. 

Next, write down the characteristics of your top clients and break them into two categories: 

Descriptive characteristics Measurable characteristics
Personality Net worth
Retirement goals Assets
Their outlook on the future Income
Lifestyle Occupation
How they feel about professional advice Age
  Where they live
  Family situation

This exercise can help you get clear on who your most valuable clients are, and from there, you can take steps to bring more of them into your business.

Step 2: Gather feedback.

Now that you’ve pinpointed your ideal clients, set up a meeting. Use the time together as an opportunity to check on their retirement goals and look for ways to better assist them. Express your genuine enjoyment in working with them and how you’d be thrilled to help similar clients. 

A key step: Happy clients are usually eager to recommend you to others, and the chat can also give you a chance to view your products and services from their perspective.

Step 3: Guide the conversation.

When you sit down with your clients, ask for honest input about how the partnership has helped them and why they trust you. Guide the conversation through straightforward questions like:

  • What made you choose me, and how would you rate your experience working with me? 
  • Did you have any concerns when you first came to my office that we’ve taken care of?
  • Does your current plan address the financial concerns that keep you awake at night, or is it time to make adjustments?

A key step: Understanding the value of your relationship and the benefits to your clients can help fine-tune your approach when speaking to new prospects. Plus, it can provide deeper insights into how your solutions are perceived by the people you’re here to serve.

Step 4: Ask for referrals.

Happy clients can be your best advocates. Don't be shy about asking satisfied clients for referrals. But here’s the trick: instead of casting a wide net, ask targeted questions that can help you find the right prospects. For example, you might ask:

  • Do you know anyone in your network who needs help building a retirement strategy?
  • Does anyone come to mind who’s nearing retirement and has shown concern about maintaining the same lifestyle or passing assets on to their loved ones?

Step 5: Make successful connections.

Once you’ve got referrals that align with your ideal prospects, kindly ask your client to make an introduction for you. 

A key step: Cold calling probably won’t get you far, so having your client pave the way is a smart way to make a successful connection.

Don’t underestimate the power of positive word of mouth. Identifying your ideal clients today can help bring in people who trust your guidance and may benefit the most from what you offer.

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