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How automated strategies can help you grow your business

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A fixed indexed annuity (FIA) can be an important addition to a client’s retirement plan, particularly in the crucial period around retirement when portfolios are most sensitive to the risk of a market decline. FIAs provide the opportunity for risk-adjusted accumulation, combining protection from loss due to market downturns with the opportunity to earn interest credits based on increases in the value of one or more stock market indices. To leverage this opportunity, clients must choose among multiple index options and crediting strategies, typically based on one and two-year term periods, and re-evaluate their decisions at renewal time.

Athene has simplified this process by introducing automated strategies in select fixed indexed annuities that provide a “hands-free” approach to diversification, freeing up time to focus on your client’s long-term goals and grow your business.

Taking an automatic approach to diversification

When your clients select an automated strategy they can streamline the decision-making process by taking advantage of in-depth research and insight from product specialists and index partners. Automated strategies allow them to choose pre-built interest crediting options based on their needs and preferences. These preset allocations then diversify across indices and automatically rebalance at the renewal dates, creating a “set and forget” allocation strategy. Advantages of an automated strategy include:

  • Gives access to a broad array of index options that promote diversification
  • Simplifies decision making and allocation management 
  • Provides automatic rebalancing of allocations across growth and protection options
  • Opportunity to minimize the risk of a 0% return through target diversification

More time to grow and manage your business 

Managing FIA allocations and ensuring they continue to stay aligned with each client’s risk and return goals can be a time-consuming process and may take you away from other business-building activities. Automated strategies can help you to be more efficient with your time by:

  • Eliminating the effort required to re-evaluate allocation methods each year/two years
  • Simplifying the decision-making process for the client
  • Allowing more time to connect with new and current clients 

With less time spent on allocation selection and management, you can allot more time to focusing on a client’s long-term, overarching goals and finding solutions that can help strengthen their financial strategy. In addition, you can concentrate on other areas that can help further grow your business and assist your clients on their path to retirement. 

Automated strategies can provide the gift of time and give you more freedom to expand your business in new directions. Take a closer look at a “hands-free” approach to promoting diversification  in your client’s annuity or reach out to your Athene representative to discover which Athene products include these pre-built interest crediting options.

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