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Training is required prior to selling any Athene annuity. To complete your product training, visit the RegEd site 

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Discover everything you need to know about the indices that power Athene annuities. Index Resource Center 

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What is a SPIA?

A Single Premium Immediate Annuity can provide peace of mind for your client's retirement future.  

In return for a single premium, we guarantee to pay a specified income to your client based on a calculation of the premium payment plus the interest rate we used at the time of policy issue.  

A SPIA provides safety from market volatility, and your client may choose a lifetime income option. We can never reduce the amount of the payments. 

Competitive lifetime payout options

Paid out monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually: 

  • Life annuity 
  • Life annuity with guaranteed period 
  • Installment refund life annuity 
  • Joint and survivor annuity 
  • Joint and survivor annuity with guaranteed period 
  • Joint and two-thirds survivor annuity 
  • Annuity Certain*