Athene Performance Elite…for growth 

Fixed indexed annuities built for accumulation with highly competitive rates. A variety of complementary indices, many exclusive to Athene, deliver elite growth potential.1 The strong optional liquidity features bring added flexibility and peace of mind. 

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Product Training

Training is required prior to selling any Athene annuity. To complete your product training, visit the RegEd site 

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Discover everything you need to know about the indices that power Athene annuities. Index Resource Center 

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Discover what makes Performance Elite one of the 
most popular accumulation focused FIAs on the market, 
year in and year out.

Get growth and liquidity with Athene Performance Elite Plus

Performance Elite Plus includes a Liquidity Rider, for a charge, that provides additional flexibility through several enhanced liquidity features.

  • Enhanced Premium Bonus: credited at issue to provide an immediate increase to the annuity's Accumulated Value. 
  • Enhanced Free Withdrawals: allows up to 10% free withdrawals per year, available immediately. If no withdrawals are taken in the prior year, Performance Elite Plus offers enhanced free withdrawals up to 20%.2,3 
  • Return of Premium: available after the fourth contract year.4
  • Enhanced Annuitization

Lead the pack

Clients looking to optimize growth potential should consider a strategy charge option for even higher crediting rates.

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Simplify diversification and maintenance

Help clients automate their allocation decision and simplify strategy renewals with Strategy PresetTM.


Strategy Preset™

This powerful, “hands-free” allocation feature available only with Athene Performance Elite® fixed indexed annuities is the easy way to diversify indices for a well-balanced approach.