A fixed indexed annuity that's focused on income.

Athene Ascent Pro Bonus fixed indexed annuity turns the income rider into income opportunity. How? By maximizing your clients' income potential with 2 growth options plus three income payment options.1

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The Ascent Income Rider is built-in to Ascent Pro contracts and offers two ways to grow the Income Base

  • Option 1 — Guaranteed Growth 
    Predictable growth with a strong Guaranteed Simple Interest Rate. 

  • Option 2 — Guaranteed Growth plus Interest Credits 
    Combines a lower Guaranteed Simple Interest Rate with the potential for Interest Credits. The Income Base will also increase by 200% of any Interest Credits that are added to the annuity’s Accumulated Value.2 

Plus three options when electing income

Choose from Level, Inflation-Adjusted or Earnings-Indexed Income. The Earnings-Indexed Income option provides clients with the potential to grow their lifetime income stream based on a percentage of the Interest Credits, if any, that are applied each year to the annuity's Accumulated Value. 

Premium Bonus

Provides an immediate increase to the annuity's Accumulated Value.3

Free Withdrawals 

Beginning in the first Contract Year, you can withdraw up to 10% of your annuity’s Accumulated Value each Contract Year without a Withdrawal Charge or Market Value Adjustment (MVA).3

Minimum Interest Credit 

Provides the opportunity for a one-time automatic interest credit. If at the end of the withdrawal charge period, the total interest credited to the Accumulated Value is less than the Minimum Interest Credit, the client automatically receives a one-time interest credit equal to the difference.4

Bailout Feature

If Athene lowers the declared 1-Year Point-to-Point Index Strategy Annual Cap Rate below the Bailout Cap Rate, this feature gives full access to the Accumulated Value for up to 30 days after the Contract Anniversary in which the Bailout Cap Rate was pierced - free of any charges - so clients can feel confident about their money. 

Additional features for added peace of mind

Terminal Illness and Confinement Waivers.4