A fixed indexed annuity built for accumulation

Athene Accumulator fixed indexed annuities offer a variety of index crediting strategies and exclusive indices that deliver strong growth potential. An optional Legacy Rider also provides guaranteed growth to the Death Benefit Rider Benefit Base.

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Product Training

Training is required prior to selling any Athene annuity. To complete your product training, visit the RegEd site 

Course Name RegEd Code
Athene Accumulator 5, 7 ACCUM57_2017
Athene Accumulator 5, 7, 10 ACCUM5710_2017

Discover everything you need to know about the indices that power Athene annuities. Index Resource Center 

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Multiple Interest Crediting Strategies

Allocate to strategies featuring a variety of crediting methods and underlying market indices.1

Features for added peace of mind

  • Minimum Interest Credit
    Provides the opportunity for a one-time automatic interest credit. If at the end of the withdrawal charge period, the total interest credited to the Accumulated Value is less than the Minimum Interest Credit, the client automatically receives a one-time credit equal to the difference.3
  • Bailout Feature
    If Athene lowers the declared 1-Year Point-to-Point Index Strategy Annual Cap Rate below the Bailout Cap Rate, this feature gives full access to the Accumulated Value for up to 30 days - free of any charges - so clients can feel confident about their money.
  • Terminal Illness and Confinement Waivers 3