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Talking to your clients about a career change

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It’s rare in today’s job market for employees to spend their entire career at one, or even two, companies. Employers are finding new ways to attract top talent by offering incentives, like insurance coverage, stock options, unlimited paid time off, remote work and more.

This increasingly competitive landscape was especially evident in 2021 when 47.8 million Americans voluntarily left their jobs amid the COVID-19 pandemic in what’s now known as the Great Resignation.

Chances are you have clients who recently left their jobs or are considering quitting in the near future. Forging a new path in their professional life can bring opportunities and growth, but also uncertainty. 


In this environment, it’s a good idea to engage with your clients to discuss the possible long-term implications of a career change. This guide can help you start the conversation.

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Why people change careers and how to respond

One key topic to cover with your clients: how leaving a job may impact retirement goals. Understanding why clients are making a career change can help you jumpstart the conversation. Here are three common reasons for a career change and what each may mean to your client:

  • Searching for a better opportunity. While salary is important, compensation packages vary greatly across companies and industries. Help your clients understand the full picture, including how benefits (like employer-sponsored retirement plans) can play a role in their decisions.
  • Starting their own business. There are numerous challenges, and potential benefits, to starting a business. Educate your clients on how to protect their long-term goals while pursuing this next chapter.
  • Taking a career break. Pausing to spend more time with loved ones or pursue a passion project can be exciting, but it can also impact your clients’ savings goals. Talk through their intended sources of income and how they’ll continue prioritizing preparing for retirement.

Help your clients maintain a long-term focus

Pay attention to LinkedIn and you may notice clients who have recently made a job change. Using the conversation guide, you can better understand their intentions and initiate conversations about the potential impact leaving a job can have on their retirement readiness.

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