Helping clients feel financially confident

Wherever clients are in their retirement plan, you can help them approach that milestone and soar into a remarkable retirement. Help them paint the mental picture of what living life to the fullest looks like, estimate how much money it could take and map a plan to make it a reality. Explore research-based guides and tools to acquaint you with retirement savings roadblocks and tips to help clients conquer them.

Resources for financial professionals

3 ways to help put your clients at ease 

Discover how surroundings and interpersonal behaviors can impact client attitudes, build trust and help your business soar. 

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Conversation strategies to help build confident retirements

Find conversation insights and tips from financial professionals to help build stronger connections with your clients and help them make more confident financial decisions.

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Build Confident Clients: Practical Ideas to Help Overcome Retirement Savings Roadblocks

Expert insights from our partners at the UCLA Anderson School of Management and professionals in your field can help you spot common roadblocks that often interfere with retirement planning. Discover why you’ll want to understand them and find practical strategies to help move clients from hesitation to confident decision-making.

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Insights to boost client confidence

How to help put your clients at ease — and why it matters

Creating a comfortable environment for your clients to share their retirement concerns could make it easier for them to open up, making it easier for you to help them find solutions to meet their goals. 

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7 client conversation tactics you’ll want to know

Discover tips to help you build trust with clients and help build their retirement confidence.

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The upcoming retirement boom: Are your clients financially prepared?

Behavior experts find uncertainties that could create retirement savings roadblocks. Understand the risks and discover strategies for helping clients overcome obstacles and gain confidence. 

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Support for your clients

Quiz: Get a Retirement Snapshot

Share this short quiz with your clients to help you both determine their preferred retirement approach.

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Feel financially confident in retirement

No matter how hard or how much clients have saved, there are factors that can affect their retirement readiness: volatile markets, surprise expenses, a longer life than expected. Build a strong financial plan for retirement by incorporating opportunities for growth, savings protection and guaranteed income for life.

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Retirement planning worksheet: Soar into a remarkable retirement

A guide to help you and your clients take inventory of their expected retirement savings, income and expenses so they can be better prepared.

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Articles to help build client confidence

Share these articles with clients to help them better understand their retirement planning needs and how they can build a solid plan.

Map your path to retirement

A common concern among Americans is outliving their money. Mapping out a plan well in advance is a good way to identify potential income gaps and close them while there’s time to take steps that can help assets last through retirement.

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Behaviors that can create roadblocks to smart financial choices

Many of us have biases that create roadblocks to investing wisely. Here are 4 common biases — and how clients can help overcome them to make smart financial decisions.

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Your retirement checklist

Six steps to help you plan, budget and button down your retirement income before starting your next big chapter.

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4 of the top psychological hang-ups in retirement planning

Understanding your emotional uncertainties can help you feel more confident about choosing the right tools for your retirement.

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Sharing options for retirement readiness

When your clients are ready to make financial decisions to grow and protect their retirement savings or create future income, share these articles to help them understand the options.

What is a registered index-linked annuity and how does it work?

It may be the right mix of risk and return potential to supplement your retirement plan.

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5 fixed indexed annuity myths busted!

Understanding common misconceptions can help you determine if a fixed indexed annuity is right for you.

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Do you know these 3 pros of FIAs?

Is a fixed indexed annuity (FIA) right for your situation? Learn how a FIA can offer tax-deferred growth potential, protection from market loss and guaranteed income.

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The value of guaranteed income in retirement

Including sources of guaranteed income in a retirement plan can provide funds you can count on for the rest of your life.

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