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Aug 9, 2021
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AIPEX selects stocks based on the insights of simulated researchers and traders in complete coordination, allowing for information learned by one to be instantly available to all. Each month, the index seeks to identify and include companies whose stock prices are poised for growth using a three-step automated selection process that scores, selects and weighs companies according to their growth potential. It’s modeled after a traditional actively managed approach, only thousands of times faster and broader in scope.

Key Features

  • Harnesses the power of AI to capitalize on equity market opportunities
  • Utilizes big data, keeping pace with today’s market volume and complexities to make informed decisions
  • Evaluates and scores each of the 1,000 largest U.S. publicly traded companies and rebalances its portfolio monthly
  • Aims to provide steady returns at a reduced risk by targeting volatility of 6%


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