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Help ease client financial concerns with meaningful conversations

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Even during the best of times, it's possible for clients to feel some anxiety regarding their financial life. An upcoming transition to retirement and ongoing market performance can serve as sources of stress. Keeping this in mind, it’s not surprising that economic uncertainty can add to this anxiety.

The good news is you can help ease these financial worries through ongoing conversations with your clients. Use this guide as a thought starter.

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Ask insightful questions while providing actionable guidance

Get a sense of how your clients are managing internal and external stressors such as high inflation, geopolitical conflict, and their own retirement readiness. This conversation guide includes five thought-provoking questions designed to kick-start meaningful conversations about your clients’ biggest sources of stress.

By uncovering and discussing their concerns, you’re opening up the lines of communication and reiterating the importance of working with you during periods of uncertainty. This helps you better serve as a source of truth and comfort as you help clients demystify outside economic factors and focus on their own financial well-being.

Why these conversations are meaningful to clients

Times when tensions run high are often the best moments for you to demonstrate the most value to your clients. While your clients have the technical capability to save for retirement or attempt to combat high inflation on their own, your guidance can help instill confidence that they’re going to be able to reach their retirement goals. 

Navigating tough economic environments without a trusted professional by their side leaves clients susceptible to emotionally based decision-making. And these reactions to short-term challenges like high inflation and geopolitical conflict can have long-lasting negative effects on their portfolio, retirement savings, and other financial goals.

This timely guide is designed to help you jump-start important conversations with your clients about:

  • High-level economic concerns
  • Geopolitical unrest
  • Retirement income


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