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4 key factors driving retirement happiness

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Financial security is an important factor to happiness in retirement. No doubt about it. However, financial professionals and clients should also discuss emotional factors. In fact, it's a great way to start the retirement planning conversation.

Considering emotional fulfillment as well as financial well-being can give you a clearer picture of what clients want out of retirement. Then you can develop a financial strategy that supports those goals.

Based on an Athene study on happiness in retirement,* here are some key factors for you and your clients to consider when planning for happiness in retirement.

Enjoying Life

Thinking about what will bring happiness in retirement is the key to getting more out of the next big chapter in life. It goes beyond simply escaping the 9-to-5 grind or having more time for a hobby. Happiness in retirement is all about doing more of whatever it is that brings true satisfaction—whether it be travel, pursuing a passion, spending time with family, volunteering or even starting a business.

Staying Connected

People who cherish their social connections are happier in retirement. For women in particular, concern about losing workplace relationships was a primary reason for putting off retirement.

In the Athene study, respondents who were socially active found retirement left them with very little downtime. And that can be a good thing since having a large circle of friends is associated with psychological well-being in middle-aged adults. Another reason to stay close with pals? Research has shown that seniors who maintain strong friendships as they age may live longer than those who do not.

Discovering Joy

The Athene study also showed many retirees discovered little joys they didn't have while they were working. For some, it was gratitude at being able to sleep as late as they wanted. Others saw the ability to be in charge of their own days and not have to answer to a boss as a real gift.

Studies have shown that gratitude is associated with happiness at any age, and adults who frequently feel grateful—even for the little things—have more energy, optimism, and happiness.

Taking Time for Leisure

Topping the list of things that are important to retirees' emotional fulfillment was being able to relax and enjoy leisure time. Retirees defined leisure as enjoying hobbies they didn't have time for while working, as well as traveling to new places and spending more time with family and friends.

Leisure time can have a positive influence on older adults' quality of life, happiness and sense of peace. It all comes down to finding the balance of friends, activities and free time that fits their lifestyle.

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