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Overcoming objections to find opportunities

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During client conversations, it’s common to navigate potential roadblocks, whether your clients have concerns about a particular product or have hesitations about planning in general. It's important to approach objections as an invitation to address or alleviate prospects' worries and educate them about the benefits of creating a strong savings strategy. Listen closely to what they have to say to identify the true source of their uncertainty. With this insight, you can show how retirement solutions may address their concerns and help them reach their long-term savings and income goals.

Here are ways you can turn common objections into opportunities.



"I don't have time right now."

Let's set an appointment for a more convenient time for a quick chat. Then we can see if it warrants a longer discussion.

"I already have a broker."

Yes, many of our clients do, but they also appreciate getting information from more than one source. I can provide another perspective.
"I'm concerned about taking risks with my savings."

I understand your concerns and can help you devise a strategy that can help grow your savings while reducing market risk.

"Now's not the right time to invest."

I have several tools and resources that can help combat a variety of concerns, like inflation, low interest rates and market volatility. I can help you make an informed decision and find solutions that can protect your retirement savings.

"I don't want anything long-term."

Depending upon your financial objectives, certain products may or may not be suitable for you. I can walk through alternatives that may be right for you.

"I don't want to lock up my money."

We have options that offer flexibility. It's important to know how different products work and how they provide access to your money. Tell me more about your specific goals.

"I'll call when I'm ready."

I understand. Keep in mind waiting too long could put you farther away from meeting your retirement goals. Let's set an appointment for a quick chat. Then we can go from there.

"I'm concerned about the economy."

Many people are. I can help you devise a strategy to help accomplish your long-term financial goals, even in challenging economic conditions.


Build client confidence

You will encounter reluctant clients. Practice active listening during each interaction to gain conversation cues that will allow you to turn objections into opportunities. When you understand the reasoning behind the uncertainty, you can more easily present appropriate financial solutions that will help your clients feel confident about their decisions and create a more sound and secure retirement. 

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