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Conversation clues that can lead to more annuity opportunities

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When you sit down to talk with your clients, can you identify an annuity opportunity when you hear one? By paying close attention, client clues often present an opportunity to discuss how annuities may help meet important long-term goals for savings and retirement income. Listen for these conversation clues, and you may discover important insights into your clients’ goals for retirement and other long-term financial goals and solutions that may be a good fit for getting them on the right track. 

Conversation clues


Make the connection

  • I pay too much in taxes already.
  • I’m in a high tax bracket now.
  • I want to reduce my taxes.
Looking to reduce tax burden 

Looking for tax relief? I can find a solution for you.

  • I want a higher interest rate.
  • I’m not getting the return I want.
Looking for portfolio growth Your concerns are understandable. I can show you options that can help protect and grow your retirement savings.
  • I’m uneasy about being too exposed to the market.
  • I lost money in the market recently and I don’t want to go through that again.
  • I want to save more, but with less risk.
  • I’ve been saving my whole life. I don’t want to risk losing it all. 
Seeking protection from market risk  Together, we can create a diversified portfolio and start protecting a portion of your retirement savings from market downturns.
  • I need income now (or in three, five or seven years).
  • I don’t need the money now; I’m looking for income after I retire.
  • I’ve had money in CDs for years.
Wants to create an income stream in retirement 

Have you considered an annuity? Owning an annuity doesn’t mean giving up access to all your money.

Plus, there are unique features to annuities that can help you reach your financial goals.
  • I’m worried about outliving my money.
  • I want to maintain my standard of living once I retire. 
  • I think I may have to work longer than I expected.
Needs to fill retirement income gaps

There are options so you have income for the rest of your life – guaranteed.

  • I’m concerned about Social Security being there when I need it.
  • I want to retire soon.
  • I’ve recently changed jobs. 

Thinking about retirement plans

I can help you create a personalized retirement plan that will help you achieve your short- and long-term goals. 

  • I want my children to have my money when I’m gone.
  • What happens to my money if I pass away?
  • What happens if my spouse passes away?
  • It’s more than leaving something behind. I want to pay it forward.
Wants to leave a legacy There are many ways to help you leave something for those you care about. Annuities are one way to provide a legacy to your loved ones or your favorite charity.  


Put it into action

With a refresher on conversation clues, you can uncover additional insights into your clients' needs, which can help you optimize your business and recommend solutions to help them reach their financial goals. 

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