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5 tips to connect with Gen X

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There are many Generation Xers out there, and they may need your help to build their retirement savings. The opportunity is there, but how do you reach them? The characteristics of Gen X as a group can help shed some light on how to best market to this group. Among other qualities, Gen Xers desire convenience, immediate feedback and assistance during the sales process. Understanding these distinct attributes and others will allow you to help attract and retain Gen X clients for many years since Gen Xers tend to be very loyal customers.

1. Establish a relationship

Take the time to build rapport since Gen Xers can be skeptical in nature. Rather than talking about your length of experience in the industry, relate to your Gen X client on a personal level and demonstrate how you can make a difference in his or her life.

2. Word-of mouth works

Traditional word-of-mouth techniques can play an important role in spreading your message across this segment. Gen Xers have a distrust of institutions, but place great value on opinions and reviews when making purchase decisions. You can connect with Gen X by networking with an existing client base, especially through the parents of this generation.

3. Educate rather than sell

Presenting a “hard sell” is not the way to go when communicating with this generation as they may take offense to such tactics, furthering their distrust. If you are going to pitch to Gen X, you need to do so in a more informational manner that will get them to listen. Gen X prefers hearing who you are, what your business is, what you stand for and the quality of your product before making a decision whether to trust your business.

4. Use technology

Gen Xers do not always require a face to face meeting. They may not even feel they have time for it. They are an educated group, familiar with technology. They are comfortable with many forms of marketing both online and off. This generation tends to do a lot of up-front research educating themselves before a purchase, so making yourself visible can help you in the long run. Try reaching this group through mobile, social networking, blogs and email.

5. Use traditional marketing methods, too

Gen Xers live in both worlds. Direct mail, print ads, TV and radio still work effectively. According to BigCommerce, 48 percent of Gen Xers listen to the radio and 62 percent read newspapers. And keep it short. Unlike Boomers, Gen Xers prefer concise copy.

Try these marketing best practices and show Gen X clients how you can help make their retirement dreams a reality. In turn, they will become loyal clients for years to come.

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