Our Growth

Since it commenced operations in 2009, Athene has experienced tremendous growth. Today, we are one of the largest fixed index annuity platforms in the United States, based on fixed indexed deferred annuity assets.

While our company has grown principally through acquisitions, we have positioned the company to rely more on our three organic channels for future growth. Our organic channels include retail, flow reinsurance and institutional products. This will be supplemented by our inorganic channels, which include M&A and block reinsurance.

Since our inception, we have completed five major acquisitions of well-established companies with long and proud histories in the annuity business (see table below). In each case we built upon the solid reputations of these companies to form the company that Athene is today. We also strengthened many areas, aligned operations where appropriate and introduced new products and services that distinguish the Athene brand.


DateAcquired CompanyLocationCurrent Athene NameFormer Parent Company
April 2011Liberty Life Insurance Company (LLIC)South CarolinaAthene Annuity & Life Assurance CompanyRoyal Bank of Canada
July 2011Investors Insurance CompanyDelaware(merged into LLIC)SCOR / France
December 2012Presidential Life Insurance CompanyNew YorkAthene Annuity & Life Assurance Company of NYPublic Company / USA
October 2013Aviva USAIowaAthene Annuity and Life CompanyAviva plc / UK
October 2015Delta Lloyd Deutschland AGGermanyAthene LebensversicherungDelta Lloyd L.V. / Netherlands