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Thank you for contacting Athene with your life insurance questions. In 2013, Athene sold most of the life insurance business acquired from Aviva USA to Accordia Life and Annuity Company, a subsidiary of Global Atlantic Financial Group Limited. Athene continued to administer the life insurance business during a two-year transition period with the final affected life insurance policies transferred to Accordia Life in early 2016. On January 11, the transition was finalized and Accordia Life began administering the affected life insurance policies.

You can be assured that during the conversion period your policy will remain in-force — including all guarantees provided by the policy — and all valid claims will be paid. Athene continues to work with Accordia Life to service affected customers and agents.

Accordia Life has set up a website dedicated to the conversion that may help answer common questions at Also, customers can contact Accordia Life via email at or via phone at 877-462-8992.

While Accordia Life has the immediate responsibility for resolving those customers’ concerns, we want Athene’s customers – past, present and future – to know that we are doing everything possible to ease your transition.


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